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About Guangxi University of Science and Technology

Guangxi University of Science and Technology (GXUST), approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE), is formed by amalgamating Guangxi University of Technology (GXUT) and Liuzhou Medical College (LMC). The university is directly under the leadership of the People’s Government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. GXUST is located in Liuzhou, the second largest city and the industrial center in Guangxi, and a national famous historical and cultural tourist city. Currently, GXUST confers bachelor and master degree, which is authorized by the Academic Degrees Committee of the China State Council. GXUT was established in Nanning in 1958. In 1982, Guangxi Light Industry College, Guangxi Mechanical Engineering College and Guangxi Institute of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering merged into GXUT. In 1985, GXUT moved from Nanning to Liuzhou and became the only one university in the city. LMC was originally formed in 1951 and upgraded to be a college by the MOE in 2003.    

GXUST has 3 campuses: Donghuan Campus, Liushi campus and Liudong campus (planning). The first 2 campuses cover an area of 425acres and Liudong campus  99 acres. The total floor space is 881,300 square meters. GXUST has 17 colleges, 4 teaching sections, 3 affiliated hospitals, and 14 research institutions/centers. The university offers 50undergraduate programs and 10 junior college programs. It enrolls students from 29 provinces and cities. The current student population is 24,200, including 15,400 undergraduate students, 1200 postgraduate students, and 7800 junior college students. The university started its joint postgraduate programs with other universities in 1990 and was approved to award master degree in February 2006. The university now confers 3 master degrees of fist-level discipline, which are mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and technology, and civil engineering, and 19 of second-level discipline. It has 7 key disciplines at the provincial level and has set up the discipline system which focuses on engineering and enjoys a well balanced development of other 8 disciplines: management, natural sciences, liberal arts, economics, law, arts, pedagogy, and medicine. 

There are 1,421 full-time faculty and staff at the university. Over 64.53% of them have obtained master’s degrees or doctorates. 39.19% of the faculty has senior professional titles. Some teachers have been granted governmental special subsidies and financial support by the “Program for Excellent Talents in Guangxi Higher Education Institutions.” Some have been awarded the titles of “National Excellent Teacher,” “National Excellent Educational Staff,” “Eminent Teacher in Guangxi”, “Master Teacher in Guangxi Higher Education Institutions,” “The One Hundred Middle-aged and Young Academic Leaders in Guangxi Higher Education Institutions,” “Provincial Excellent Teacher,” “Provincial Technical Personnel with Outstanding Achievements” and “Experts with Outstanding Achievements for Liuzhou,” etc. Some are selected as tutors for doctoral students. 

GXUST has 1 MOE Engineering Research Center for Advanced Design and Manufacture of Heavy-duty Vehicle Parts, 1 provincial incubation base for key laboratory, 5 key laboratories among Guangxi Higher Education Institutions. The total value of teaching and research instrument and equipment is 202.59 millions Yuan. The library comprises over 2 million volume paper books and 1.8 million electronic books. The university provides excellent facilities for teaching, research and living on campus, such as network, sports facilities, student dormitories, and cafeterias.


GXUST now has 3 national characteristic specialty projects, and 10 excellent specialties, 21 excellent courses, 5 teaching teams, 5 experimental teaching centers, 2 training bases for demonstrative higher vocational education at the provincial level. There is also 1 vocational education training base supported by central government finance. The team of “Design, Manufacture and Control Technology of Vehicle Engineering” is one of the first groups listed as innovation teams among Guangxi higher education institutions. The team of “Advanced Design, manufacture and innovation of Automobile Parts” got approval from provincial government. Furthermore, the university was appointed as a national key training base for vocational teaching staff by MOE in 2000. In recent years, GXUST has been awarded 31 teaching achievement prizes at the provincial level, including 6 first prizes. The university adheres to the teaching-centered guideline, sets its foot on local community, and takes aim at cultivating high-level applied talents. In recent 5 years, the first wish student enrollment rate has achieved 94%. The university is awarded “the Advanced University for Undergraduate Employment Work” every year. On the other hand, the students have won prizes in various contests, such as the national and provincial mathematical modeling competition, the “Challenge Cup” Business Plan Contest, academic writing contest, CCTV English Speaking Contest, etc.

GXUST carries out the strategy of “strengthening the university with science and technology” and consolidates its leading role. Through increasing research budget and improving incentive mechanism, the university has raised the level of its scientific research and has achieved fruitful results. In recent 5 years, the university has undertaken over 1,600 research programs, including more than 40 awarded provincial scientific achievement prize, 90 patents, and 170 other prizes. Its faculty and staff have published 6,200 academic papers at home and abroad, among which more than 500 have been taken as reference by SCI, EI and ISTP. The annual research fund reaches 40 million Yuan.

To meet the needs of local economic and social development, GXUST has set up 5 engineering technology research centers at the provincial level with Liuzhou Hi-tech Development Zone, Liuzhou Engineering Machinery Group, Liuzhou Industry and Information Commission, etc., establishes the Popularization Base for Social Science Knowledge with Guangxi Social Science Association. GXUST is a vice-chairman member of Guangxi Auto parts Alliance & Technology Transfer Alliance. It also has made joint application together with enterprises for research programs at various levels, including National Spark Program and Torch Program, making great contributions to regional economic development.

With the support of the Party Committees and the Governments at the provincial and municipal levels, in 1994 the university set up a board of trustees together with 13 state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises, including Liuzhou Iron and Steel Group and Liuzhou Engineering Machinery Company. The honorary chairman, chairman and executive vice chairman of the board are taken up by the Liuzhou Party secretary, the mayor of Liuzhou, and the president of the university respectively. Now the board consists of more than 40 trustees. It strengthens the cooperation between the university and the local government and enterprises in school-running, talent fostering and joint research. GXUST has created a new way of school operation, that is, the university develops in harmony with the local city while cooperates with enterprises. 

GXUST has successfully established long-term academic exchange and cooperation relationships with universities and academic institutions in the USA, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. The increasingly active international exchanges improve the school’s level of openness and management.    

Furthermore, the university has made remarkable achievements in the construction of spiritual civilization. It has been granted the honorable titles of “Model Home of Workers” and “Establishing Unit of Red Flag Youth League Committee” at the national level, and “Provincial Institution of Civilization”, and “Institution of Civilization” and “Garden Campus” at the municipal level. In addition, the university has been 12 times awarded the “Advanced Unit for College Students’ Social Practice” and 8 times awarded the “Campus of Civilization among Guangxi Higher Education Institutions”. The students enjoy colorful campus life. Various student’s clubs and activities, such as Technology Festival, Culture and Art Festival, and seminars, provide a wonderful stage for students’ development. 

Standing at a new starting point, under the guideline of scientific development, and adhering to the idea of quality, technology, and features, GXUST is striving to become an advanced comprehensive university, coordinating multiple disciplines while focusing on Engineering. In five to ten years, GXUST will be one of the top universities in Guangxi with distinctive regional and school running features.

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